AK/Apple Truck Flooring Plywood

Key Features of AK Truck Flooring Plywood

Truck Flooring 一 With Strength and Class

AK/Apple Plywood’s metal-reinforced truck flooring is produced at a cutting-edge facility with a 3500 tonne (Compreg) hot press and high-quality metal. Sheets of metal wires are placed in between the layers and bonded with PF resin in a high-pressure hydraulic press during the production process.

These flooring sheets are joined with high-quality adhesive, resulting in high-density plywood. They are chemical-resistant, have great strength, and are long-lasting. They can be used in trucks, automobile sector trucks, commercial vehicle flooring, anti-skid ceiling flooring, and so on.

AK/Apple plywood offers Truck flooring with a wide range of thicknesses: 12mm, 16mm, 19mm & 25mm. With sizing of 2440mm to 3350mm in length and 600mm to 1820mm in width, get the perfect flooring for your automobile.



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  • Thickness 12, 16, 19 & 25mm.
  • Sizes 2440 to 3350mm in length and 600 to 1820mm in width.
  • Density 0.845 to 1.00gm/cm3
  • Warranty 2 Years


What are truck flooring plywood prices like?

Truck flooring plywood costs approximately around ₹98 - ₹130 INR/Square Foot, but might vary depending on the size and thickness. Contact us to find out more details.

Where can truck flooring plywood be used?

Besides truck flooring, it can be used in commercial vehicle flooring and other industrial applications like the construction of decks, ceilings, panellings, backrest seats, anti-skid floorings, and so on.

Does AK/Apple Plywood offer a warranty for truck flooring plywoods?

Yes, a warranty of 2 years is provided for our truck flooring plywood.