AK/ Apple Chequered plywood: (Maximum Size- 10ft x 5 ¼ ft)

Its density varies from 0.845 to 1.2gm/cm3 and comes with 5 years* warranty. AK/Apple Chequered plywood is further densified, compact and toughened quality, structural plywood. It is manufactured in a state of art plant with 3500 tons (Compreg) hot press. Exceptional quality control manufacturing steps, where pressed plywood veneer assembly is allowed to cool down its temperature in the press, increases its excellent properties for critical applications. It does not degrade against wear and tear, warping and twist free. Its protective properties resist attack from termite, fungus, rot and other destructive elements

Customers have the option of it with steel mesh surface or a plain chequered surface.

  • Size 10ft x 5 ¼ ft, 10ft x 3ft, 9ft x 5ft, 8ft x 5 ¼ ft, 8ft x 3ft, 8ftx 2.66ft (32 Inches), 5ft x 5 ½ ft.

  • Thickness 12-35mm