AK/Apple Pinewood Flush Doors

AK/Apple waterproof, pinewood Flush Doors are manufactured from selected, well seasoned Pine timber which is naturally resistant to borer & termites. We are using the most superior species - Sylvester Pine. The block board core is framed with finger jointed (As per BIS Specification) seasoned pinewood battens (stile & rail) strengthened by a layer of cross bands, and face veneers that confine both sides of the core. All these are bonded at high pressure & temperature with phenol formaldehyde resin and permanent type of preservatives. This process ensures maximum insulation against heat, dust, and noise. A variety of sizes are available, ranging from 25mm to 55mm in thickness. This is a superior IS 2202 and ISO 9001 certified product.
  • Panel sizes A range of sizes are available according to customer needs.
  • Thickness Common thickness range from 25mm to 45mm.
  • Bond/Adhesive Phenol formaldehyde (PF) for weather and Boil Water Proof (BWP) and low formaldehyde formulation for compliance to emission level requirements such as E1.
  • Standard Conforms to Indian standards, IS 2202 (Bureau of Indian Standards) is produced in compliance with internationally recognised standards such as (An ISO 9001 certified company).
  • Name Sylvester Pine
  • Other names Scots Pine
  • Sources Ranging from western Europe to Eastern Siberia
  • Appearance Very attractive wood with straight grain, very close density, honey colouring, and very subdued growth rings.
  • Physical properties Similar in strength and hardness to united states yellow pines but has much better working qualities. Rates medium in bending and crushing strength and low stiffness, shock resistance and decay resistance. Stable in service but can distort significantly if not seasoned properly.
  • Uses Used for staircases, trim, sash doors, cabinet framing, vehicle components, furniture, turnery, general construction, plywood, veneers and pulp.

1) Dimensional stable core signifying enhanced strength and extra durability.
2) Its frames provide strength for fitting of hinges and anti deviation resistance.
3) Chemically treated to resist borer and termite attack.
4) Kiln dried to resist moisture, warping and to avoid twisting.
5) Manufactured to suit local climate and ready onto fix doors.
6) Excellent strength, stiffness impact resistance
7) Unique dimension stability
8) Superior finish.

Technical information as per IS 2202

1 Dimensions,mm & Squareness Full size door Height- ± 5 mm
Width- ± 5 mm
Thickness- ± 1 mm
Squareness – Not more than 1 mm on a length of 500 mm

2 General Flatness Full size door Twist,cupping & warping shall not exceed 6 mm Twist-2.5
3 Local plainness Full size door Depth of deviation shall not be more than 0.5 mm 0.08
4 Impact indentation Full size door Depth of deviation shall not be more than 0.2 mm 0.11
5 Flexure (mm) 15 mints after loading 50kg Full size door Deflection shall not be more than 1/30 of length or 1/15 of width whichever is less. 44.00
3 mins after load removal Residual deflection shall not be more than 1/10 of max deflection. 2.80
6 Edge loading(mm) After 15min of 100 kg loading. Full size door Deflection shall not be more than 5 mm. 3.60
3 min after load removal lateral buckling Residual deflection shall not be more than 0.5 mm. 0.22
No lateral buckling by more than 2 mm during loaded. No residual lateral buckling after removal 1.10
No lateral buckling
7 Shock resistance Test
Soft & light body impact

Soft & heavy body impact
Full size door No visible damage.

No visible damage.
No visible damage.

No visible damage.
8 Buckling(mm) After 5min of 40 kg loading. Full size door Initial deflection shall not be more than 50 mm. 41.00
After 15 mints of unloading No deterioration Residual deformation shall not more than 5 mm. No deterioration.
9 Slamming Test Full size door Shall not have any visible damage in any part of the door No visible damage.
10 Misuse test Full size door Shall not be any permanent deformation of the fixing or any other part of the doorset No permanent deformation.
11 End immersion test Full size door No delamination No delamination
12 Knife test Full size door Minimum Pass standard Excellent
13 Glue adhesion test 150mmx150mm from the two corners of the door No delamination No delamination
14 Screw withdrawal strength, 150mm X 75mm Not less than 1000 N 1310