AK/Apple Moulded Skin Door - Masonite

AK/Apple Moulded skin door (Masonite) offers superior design, comprehensive workmanship, and high-durable quality. We manufacture a range of top quality moulded skin door and it is available in a wide range of width, height and thickness. We use only 100% borer resistant, vacuum pressure treated (VPT) finger jointed frames, which is a highlighting feature of these doors. The door offered by us is made as per the set industry norms keeping in mind the requirements of our clients. A huge range of size & thickness is available according to customer needs while they are also available in combination with glass panels.
SL No. Requirements Permissible limit Result obtained
1 Density, Kg/m3 >1000 1100
2 Moisture content, percent,Max. 8 6
3 Water absorption, Percent:
After 2 hrs
After 24 hrs

<36< /td>

4 Swelling in water, percent, Max
a) General absorption, 24hrs
 1) Thickness
 2) Length
 3) Width


5 Modulus of rupture, N/mm2, Min 35 50
6 Internal bond strength, N/mm2 Min.
  a) Dry state
  b) Wet state (2hrs boiling)


7 Immersion in boiling water at 100+ 30C for 4hrs No Disintegration No Disintegration
8 Formaldehyde emission <9mg /100g 7.35
9 Dimensions,mm Height- + 5 mm
Width- + 5 mm
Thickness ± 1 mm
+2 mm
+2 mm
+0.6 mm
10 General Flatness Twist,cupping & warping not greater than 6 mm +3 mm
11 Local plainness Not greater than 0.5 mm 0.3 mm
12 End immersion test No delamination No delamination
13 Glue adhesion test No delamination No delamination
14 Impact indentation Not more than 0.2 mm 0.15 mm
14 Impact indentation Not more than 0.2 mm 0.15 mm
15 Slammingn No visible damage after 100 drops No damage
16 Flexure (mm)
15 m after loading50kg
3 m after load removal

Not more than 1/30 of length or 1/15 of width
Not more than 1/10 of max deflection

57 mm

6 mm
17 Shock resistance
Soft & light body impact
Soft & heavy body impact

No visible damage
No visible damage

No visible damage
No visible damage
18 Buckling(mm)
After 5min of 40 kg loading
15 min after load removal
No deterioration.
Not more than 50 mm
Not more than 5 mm

35 mm
4.3 mm
19 Edge loading(mm)
After 15min of 100 kg loading
3 min after load removal lateral buckling
Not more than 5 mm
Not more than 0.5 mm
Not more than 2 mm during loading.
No buckling after removal
3 mm
0.25 mm
1.4 mm
No buckling
20 Misuset No visible damage. No damage
21 Screw withdrawal strength, N Not less than 1000 1350
  • Panel sizes A range of sizes are available according to customer needs.
  • Thickness Common thickness range from 25mm to 45mm.
  • Bond/Adhesive Phenol formaldehyde (PF) for weather and Boil Water Proof (BWP) and low formaldehyde formulation for compliance to emission level requirements such as E1.

1) Dimensional stable core signifying enhanced strength and extra durability.
2) Its frames provide strength for fitting of hinges and anti deviation resistance.
3) Chemically treated to resist borer and termite attack.
4) Kiln dried to resist moisture, warping and to avoid twisting.
5) Manufactured to suit local climate and ready onto fix doors.
6) Excellent strength, stiffness impact resistance
7) Unique dimension stability
8) Superior finish.

MSD with Glass Panel