PVC Foam Board

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PVC foam board is made of light weight foamed PVC, which is moisture & corrosion resistant. It is resistant to chemicals and has low water absorption and it has good mechanical & insulation properties. It has good physical properties when compared to other foams of similar density. It is suitable for furniture, kitchen, cabinets, Bathroom cabinets etc. We have 3 variant PVC foam boards which have the density of 0.50gm/cm3, 0.55gm/cm3 and 0.60gm/cm3.
  • Common size thickness: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm
  • Common Size: 8feet x 4feet
No. TESTS Test Method Result
1 Specific gravity In-house 0.50 gm/cm3
2 Determination of Water absorption ASTM D 570 0.5 %
3 Tensile Strength at Yield ASTM D 638 16 Mpa
4 Elongation at Break ASTM D 638 30 %
5 Flexural strength at yield ASTM D 790 28 Mpa
6 Flexural Modulus ASTM D 790 900 Mpa
7 Charpy Impact Strength ASTM D 256 29 J/m
8 Service temperature In-house -10 to 55
8 Heat distortion temperature In-house -63°C
8 Vicat softening temperature ASTM D 648 75°C
8 Coefficient of thermal expansion ASTM D- 1525 6.70 cm/cm°C