AK/Apple Flexi Ply

AK/Apple Flexi Ply is the first choice of all imaginative ideas with bends and curves. It is flexible plywood to meet all the curvaceous requirements. Usually, it bends at a certain radius and is very friendly to use. Carpenters can curve and bend AK/Apple Flexi Ply with ease without the use of any specialized tool. AK/Apple Flexi Ply or flexible plywood is manufactured with Keruing veneers; one of the latest engineered products based on wood and is hailed as architects’ dream product. Assembly of veneers in flexi ply is quite opposite to that in plywood, the veneers are assembled along the length of the plywood. The flexi ply so developed has great potential for applications in cabins of hemispherical shapes and arch panels.
  • Panel sizes A range of sizes is available including common sizes such as 8ft x 4ft, 7ft x 4ft, 7ft x 3ft, 6ft x 4ft, 6ft x 3ft
  • Thickness 4mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm
  • Bond/Adhesive Phenol formaldehyde for weather and Boil water proof (BWP) and low formaldehyde formulations for compliance to emission level requirements such as E1.
  • Composition 100% Keruing veneers
  • Density 350 to 450kg/m3
  • Direction of flexibility Cross grain along width
  • Composition 100% Gurjan
  • Elasticity Cross grain 214N/mm2, long grain 6325N/mm2 (for 6mm panel at 12% humidity)